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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 23 2012

    Hey whats up everyone?! Just thought Id post a quick chronicle since it has been FOREVER since ive actually posted something on here! Just saying hello to all of my friends on here since it has been a long while. The story for me? Havent been up to a whole lot besides school, school, and then some more school ! Currently attending college in Baltimore Maryland and playing on the Mens Volleyball team as well! As the first semester is pretty much half way over its pretty safe to say that im missing summer a lot more than I thought I would haha! But anyway only 2 more weeks until HALO 4 baby!!! Even though its tough for me to play like I have in the past with me being a broke college student and not having the time nor money to renew my gold and get the new titles I will assure you that I WILL be picking up Halo 4 and renewing my gold!! So if you would like to catch up or dont know me and want meet another gamer hit me up im always on twitter and facebook! You can find me on Facebook by searching Wes Nile Richardson lol (Nile is my "nickname" long story!) and on Twitter! You can follow me @MRwesnile1 feel free to say hello and let my know your from the GOG and ill hit ya with a follow back! As for my XBL GT you can add me! my name is WE5 NILE! Hope everything is well with everyone else and dont be strangers!!!

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