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  1. Iowa Pro Gaming Post TIPGC 2010 Dinner

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 23 2010

    So as we close this TIPGC 2010 chapter, the team of GoG members who really helped make TIPGC a success, got together for dinner last night.

    BEN, RyuBlitz, I Am Marksman, Im Evolved, Mersad, and johnbiz10301 discussed the recent TIPGC event in more detail, talked about way to move forward intelligently, conceptualized future GoG gaming events, and had I Am Marksman/johnbiz10301 eating supper hot food! haha

    We want to share one last thank you to all that came and made TIPGC 2010 such a neat event. We realize that much needs to be done as we continue to enhance this large video game tournament in the Midwest, but we're committed to making this happen. A few more conversations need to be had before we can announce news on if/when the next tournament will be, so stay close and to all of this year's participants...look for an email from BEN soon!

    In the meantime, we hope you've enjoyed the highlight video and that you're also sharing that bad boy. Here she is one more time...§ion=videos&video_id=2146

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  1. Iowa Pro Gaming Iowa Pro Gaming
    Posted On Mar 23 2010

    Enjoy, "Like", Comment, & Share this highlight video friends! It's here on the GoG, on YouTube, Viddler, and even BEN's Facebook profile Shocked