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Gunnar Girls has 8 chronicles

  1. Gunnar Girls in another FFA

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 04 2010

    Well tonight we are in another FFA tourney! this time we are not holding it, L2D4 is holding it, so we thought we would jump in and play. it is open to the...
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  2. Gunnar Girls FFA on Sept 4th

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 26 2010

    Sept 4th GG is holding a Free For all tourney first place is a Sharkoon Headset from one of our sponsors Grip-It. 2nd and 3rd place will recieve Grip-it's...
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  3. Gunnar Girls update on Beatdown2

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 26 2010

    here is the video link then some guys were talk mad crap so they challenged them in a 2v2 in...
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  4. Gunnar Girls BeatDown2 Tournament

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 02 2010

    The Gunnar Girls will be going to be at BeatDown2 Aug 14th!!! This event is held by Countdown321, some of the people that will be there are Zophar321, Thi...
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  5. Gunnar Girls Gamer of the month

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 10 2010

    Come check out our gamer of the month!!!! who is it??? Swing over to while you are there dont forget to register and chat with...
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  6. Gunnar Girls Tourney won again!!!!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 07 2010

    Congrats goes out to Triggerzreal for taking 1st place this past weekend and P11nkP0w3r4ng3r for taking 5th place in an online MW2 tourney. There were 67 t...
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  7. Gunnar Girls PAX EAST

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 27 2010

    who all is going to PAX EAST? Gunnar Girls will be there, so if you see us there please stop and say HI!!!! We would love to meet you all! Some we already ...
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  8. Gunnar Girls Good luck

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 21 2010

    Good luck to Zophar321 and his team and everyone else that will be going to the tourney this coming friday! You guys will do great we have faith in you, ev...
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  1. MissRuthl3ss MissRuthl3ss
    Posted On Nov 07 2010

    i miss u girls too!! Sad
  2. x KiNg WeS x x KiNg WeS x
    Posted On Sep 09 2010

    Heyy! Yes ill try and plan a game night for Halo Reach sometime next week after reach is out!
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Aug 10 2010

    Get ready for another season of the GoGcast!
  4. RxySurfChic RxySurfChic
    Posted On Jul 10 2010

    I wish I knew how. Lol do you know how to drop out?
  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 18 2010

    Thanks for sharing this unique gaming community with all your members!

    Good luck with the updated website too ladies!
  6. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Feb 28 2010

    Thx for the Add, Gunnar girls! Very Happy Ninja
  7. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Feb 25 2010

    no problem
  8. RxySurfChic RxySurfChic
    Posted On Feb 25 2010

    Thanks for such a sweet video comment. <3