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Well hello people,

I am a gamer looking for a challenge any day of the week. With my recent acceptance in Akron University i haven't had time to play much with my job, rugby and college. My main flavor of games is fps and mmrpg's.. Absolutely love them to death!

I am a pretty much easy going person who is easy to get along with and i absolutely love making friends!

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Redwngs82 has 4 chronicles

  1. Redwngs82 Battlefield 3

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 03 2011

    Currently i just picked up the beta from the psn store and am testing the beta out. Over all the game is pretty amazing. Definilty beats out any call of du...
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  2. Redwngs82 Little lvl update

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 27 2011

    I am bored at this moment so i figured i would update u people on my current lvls int he game i play: Cod4: 10th prestige mw2: 5th prestige black op...
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  3. Redwngs82 My youtube channel!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 12 2011 Heres the link to my youtube channel...videos will best posted as fast as possible and it would be amazing ...
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  4. Redwngs82 The first one!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 12 2011

    Well hello people.... Today i have no school due to snow and i was supposed to have finals today but hey who's complaining! So i figured i would write one...
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  1. MysticApollo MysticApollo
    Posted On Oct 02 2010

    Thanks for the add! See you on the battlefield! Or potentially @ PAX East 2011, whatever comes first :P.
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jun 06 2010

    Nice work over in the GoG Forum Very Happy
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 26 2010

    Hey man, thanks for reaching out. The GoG Elite Squad is made up of members that are active, continue to spread the word, and basically treat this video game community as their own.

    Let's see you getting more involved, maybe I can send you a small GoG package in the mail, and then down the road we can get you on the Elite Squad?!

    Have you introduced yourself in the GoG Forum? Have you heard a GoGcast yet?
  4. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On May 24 2010

    Hey welcome to the gog

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