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  1. reventertain Rage Released Today

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 05 2011

    Just curious if anyone else out there went and picked up Rage today? I put about 2 hours in the game so far, and have to say its pretty fun so far nothing super exciting has happened but the overall flow of the game is good and the graphics are outstanding

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  1. reventertain reventertain
    Posted On Oct 07 2011

    I do like how they incorporated the vehicles into the game you can do side races for money and to upgrade your car and of course it takes you where you need to go faster the game doesn't make you have to focus on the cars but they make it fun

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 07 2011

    I saw this game at E3 two years ago. It did look clean, but nothing that stood out to me. I'm not planning to pick this one up, but did meet a friedn out tonight, who was raging about Rage, haha.

    I am curious, in the early demos, the game seemed to have a lot of driving influence. Do you like the use of vehicles or is it annoying at all?