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  1. reventertain Super Mario 3D Land Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 23 2011

    Super Mario 3D Land is everyone?s favorite plumber?s first venture into the world of 3D, and I can tell you first hand that it is just as charming as you would expect. Princess Peach?s castle is hit by a storm that sends magic leaves all over the Mushroom Kingdom. When Mario goes to inspect the tree, he finds a letter from Bowser explaining that he has, once again, kidnapped Peach. As you might have guessed, you?ll guide Mario through familiar locations on a quest to save the Princess.

    The game itself plays like the perfect blend of both new and classic Mario. The best way that I can explain the layout is with the term ?3D side-scroller?. You guide Mario on a linear path through each charming level, but you are often traveling forward rather than from left to right. Each level is contained and is usually based around a few simple concepts such as navigating past the new blocks that switch positions each time you jump or the Propeller Block. These levels rarely last more than a couple of minutes making them the perfect size to play between bus stops or while waiting for class to start.

    Now, maybe it?s because Mario has been saving princesses since before consoles existed, but 3D Land is just too easy. I?m not complaining since the game is obviously targeted at the casual audience, but I might have more extra lives now than I have had in any game, ever. After failing a level a 5 times you are given an invincible Tanooki suit. Even better, if you fail 10 times you are given the P-Wing which automatically brings you to the end of the level. I?m all for helping a troubled player out, but completely beating the level for them seems to be a bit ridiculous. The only other thing that I found disappointing were the repetitive boss fights. There are really only 3 variations for all of the 9 or so boss battles. Why only include 2 Koopa Kids when they are some of the most unique characters in the Mario universe?

    As far as the replay value goes, there are the three hidden coins in each level that have become a staple in modern day Mario games. Collecting these coins are necessary to progress in the game as they are needed to unlock certain levels. Once you complete the main story, you?ll be given a chance to play through the special stages in which you?ll be able to rescue Luigi and play around with the Stone Tanooki Suit. You?d think that I would have been glad to discover that there was double the game hiding in my cartridge, but it?s essentially the same levels with some color swaps, new coin locations, and more enemies.

    Overall, Super Mario 3D Land is a long overdue addition to the 3DS library. It?s faithful to the Mario formula while adding some new things that keep it fresh. And though it isn?t the system seller that it was maybe expected to be, but between Zelda, Star Fox, and now Mario, there are at least reasons to purchase one. And with the awesome deals that are going on for Black Friday (Free Skylanders!!!), there?s no reason to fear picking one up.

    This was written by Ranger John from Revolting Entertainment but I share the exact same opinions that he stated about the game.

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  1. faithgal faithgal
    Posted On Dec 01 2011

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  2. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Nov 28 2011

    I'm just glad Nintendo is making Actual Mario GAMES instead of all the Party/sports stuff they did for so long. But Invincible Tanooki suits? P Wings to the end of the level? That IS kind of ridiculous. But i really don't see myself failing a level 5 times, much less 10. Though i may fail on purpose just because i never got the Tanooki suit the first time on the SNES and actually thought it was made up. (like that urban legend from the original Super Mario where you stomp on a Bullet Bill to create a doorway to a secret level) Very excited about this game. Very Happy

  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 27 2011

    A text-based video game review? Nice, haha! Tell Ranger John thanks and to keep 'em coming Wink

    Without a 3DS, I may not get to experience this game, but by the sounds of it, since I've played so many Mario titles in the past, I've got the general idea of Super Mario 3D Land.