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  1. graynation Streets of Rage is back!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 12 2009

    So the other day I was just chillin' at home getting ready to pop in MLB 2k9 the newest baseball game when all of a sudden I hear yelling coming from my roommates room. I open the door and look to the tv and see something that brought back so many memories. It was Streets of Rage 2 that was released on the sega genisis. I couldn't believe he was playing this! I grew up on that game! It taught me everything thing I knew about video games. A buddy of mine who works at the Ankeny Gamestop told me that there was a sega game collection released for 360 and ps3. I was so happy because these games were simple but still can entertain for hours, obviously. The catchy music and the beautiful graphics of the early 90's is back.
    This also got me to thinking, with all of the superhero movies coming out and some movies released about video games (street fighter and doom) could it be possible to make a streets of rage movie? It's a simple concept, lots of fighting, little story...unlike watchmen where I thought the director did a terrible job at. Watchmen is great, the Watchmen movie is terrible...DR. MANHATTAN PUT SOME PANTS ON! Anyways back to my point, a streets of rage movie would be simple and fun to watch and with the cult following of video games I think it'd do well. That's my take on it, any ideas?

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  1. RyuBlitz RyuBlitz
    Posted On Mar 12 2009

    Mmmm... I heart Streets of Rage. I must admit, though, that I hope it doesn't get turned into a movie. Given the somewhat lacking storyline, I could easily see a film adaptation going the way of Street Fighter... *shivers*