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i like to play video games a lot

Game Hardware:

  • Sega Genesis
  • Xbox 360


I play xbox 360.
I like any kind of game, but mostly i'm sports. I do enjoy a shooter here and there but nothing beats a fade route to the endzone.

Game Genres:

  • Action role-playing
  • Action-adventure
  • City-building Simulation
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter
  • Sports

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graynation has 2 chronicles

  1. graynation Streets of Rage is back!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 12 2009

    So the other day I was just chillin' at home getting ready to pop in MLB 2k9 the newest baseball game when all of a sudden I hear yelling coming from my ro...
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  2. graynation Rainbow 6 vegas 2

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 04 2008

    So i was sitting around one day bored out of my mind waiting for the newest installment of the gta series...and i decided to go to the local games stop and...
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 19 2009

    Hey man, there's a top leaderboard banner around here that takes you to the full information page, but here's the URL just in case:

    Be sure to get registered online by Friday, so you can save $10 per person on the registration fee! What division are you going to join?

    See you around 9am on Saturday and bring other friends if you want for sure...
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 12 2009

    You interested in our 2v2 Halo 3 or Guitar Hero division of the upcoming GoG tournament in Ankeny? Let me know if you have any questions and we'd appreciate you sharing this event with friends that may want to join us March 21st...thanks!
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 06 2008

    Get your GoG Game Trading Community profile setup and matching your GoG account this week!

    Let me know if you have questions, but the homepage and forum announcement(as well as the new banner ads) should push you over there so you can start using that sweet tool!
  4. JQuick JQuick
    Posted On Feb 13 2008

    Yeah, i'm going to that Halo thing this weekend with him. You going to that?
  5. JQuick JQuick
    Posted On Feb 12 2008

    Fistfull of Boomstick was awesome. Good call.
  6. vyrgel vyrgel
    Posted On Feb 11 2008

    dude right on. but i think they use only 360s
  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 11 2008

    There's been alot of discussion on making a Halo movie, but every time it gets close to production, things fall through.

    I've also heard they're writing some more Gears of War material, so I'm sure a movie for that game will be coming soon! Thanks for the chronicle comment and let's see a few of your own entries...
  8. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 30 2008

    Let's see a new Chronicle sometime Very Happy
  9. singer singer
    Posted On Oct 05 2007

    check out and rate my chronicle! Very Happy
  10. singer singer
    Posted On Sep 29 2007

    i'm alisha,

    an 8th grader

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