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  1. graynation Rainbow 6 vegas 2

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 04 2008

    So i was sitting around one day bored out of my mind waiting for the newest installment of the gta series...and i decided to go to the local games stop and i saw rainbow six vegas 2 had come out. many people said not to get it because it was a lot like the first but i did because i needed something to keep me busy for a month, and personally i thought army of 2 looked dumb.

    Rainbow 6 vegas 2 is a lot like the first, but it is still worth playing. They've fixed some of the glitches and the rankings are a lot better on the online play.
    I really like this new point system they have for ranking up. "A.C.E.S" or something like that is what its called and you get little bonus points for head shots, short range shots, long rang, kill a sprinter, kill using c4 and ect. Once you hit a certain point you level up in one of the three categories depending on the types of kills such as marksmen (long range shots), close quarter combat (short range) and assault (explosives), and you receive either experience points or unlock new guns. It is a really fun way to rank up quicker and brings new ways to play the game.
    The new maps are fun and the graphics are pretty good, i'd say the game is worth getting even though it seems a lot like the first. The one depressing thing about the game is that i miss the map calypso casino... Sad so if you need a game pick this one up because it's better then what you'd think once you sit down to play. (still feels a lot like counter strike w/out the knife)

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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 04 2008

    Cool review dude. Thanks for the insight!
    I'm yet to try this game, but with my love for shooters, I'm sure I'll pick it up soon. Would you advise renting it too, or only a buy?