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  1. BIGMercenary Airing out my grievances

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 26 2010

    Are there any gaming communities without a huge amount of a**holes?

    Earlier today I left Gamespot because someone was out to get me banned. I headed to Giantbomb with a blog about it and suddenly I get 17 replies, most of them ripping me apart for posting something and only the mods/admins welcoming me. My blog was put on public display in a FORUM. Not my personal blog, but open for all to see. Apparently all "blogs" on Giantbomb are done this way.

    I've left Giantbomb already and the only question on my mind is the one above. I haven't been treated this bad since Destructoid, and around the time I left them I started coming to GoG.

    Apparently for all the rapid-fire cursing people do when playing each other in video games it translates over to a**hat-ism online. My only options for gaming communities now include GoG (of course), ScrewAttack, GameTrailers, and an indie site.

    I can't stand being talked down to, I know everyone is like that. But me, it just ticks off this little voice in the back of my head that says "I am about to unleash a salvo of beatdown on your face for even suggesting that I'm inferior to you." Its tough to do when people are hiding behind a keyboard.

    On that thought, apparently being myself on the Internet is what is causing people to hate me. I show who I am all the time and trolls can't stand that. I guess they despise me for being honest with myself and others.

    So yeah. Without a main gaming site to go to I guess that opens up more time for me.

    Keep Playing.

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Oct 28 2010

    The Anonimity of the interwebz is an evironment thats just very condusive to hostility. Its an unfortunate truth and maybe a little insight into human nature. I've experienced several situations similiar to what you've described, and it always got me so flustered.

    There are two that i would say are the worst but i'm not even going to mention them. But suffice it to say, the GoG is only one of Two forums ive ever been on that has been completely free of hostility and flame, and that is saying something. And i don't want to steal BEN's Billy Mays-like thunder for plugging the GoG, but you really should consider getting more involved in the forums, we won't bite. ...Well, JD will. Wink

    Very Happy Ninja

  2. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Oct 28 2010

    I'm talking down to you! Because my post is above yours, lol Very Happy

    Gamers are well known for their **** talking, especially when you get extremely cocky 15 year olds. Nothing against Mr. John Biz of course, just your age bracket loves to cause problems online, (I was one of em). But as long as you surround yourself by mature people, it makes gaming much more fun.

    You can always find us on Facebook and Twitter too, don't be afraid of our forums. I enjoy arguing with people and I always condone fun heated debates, but only so when people can do it in a mature manner and use well known examples to back up their positions. Constantly cursing and throwing out ludicrous responses is not the way to argue. Plus getting in an argument around here isn't easy, everyones so dang nice Wink

  3. BIGMercenary BIGMercenary
    Posted On Oct 26 2010

    Thanks Ben, I'm already on Twitter and Fakebook. I'm not really keen on going on to forums because there's always a higher concentration of rude people.

  4. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 26 2010

    I know you've always struggled with the lack of response to your thoughts around here, but I'm glad you recognize the family-friendly, helpful, and plain fun experience that you'll always enjoy while you're here on the GoG!

    I know you enjoy writing Chronicles, which are great, but maybe you'll have more response if you get involved with others over in the GoG Forum? That seems to be a hot spot for conversation among active members.

    This, along with more activity outside of the GoG such as twitter and Facebook...I'm sure you will continue to enjoy this place and we hope you'll stick around always Wink