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BIGMercenary has 41 chronicles

  1. BIGMercenary So long, GoG

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 12 2011

    Its become apparent that GoG is more catering to the "pro gamers" these days. No room for the average gamers such as myself. You bros (read, frat boys) ha...
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  2. BIGMercenary Expanding My Gaming Horizons

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 19 2011

    Lately I've been trying out new games and have been having some fun with them. Gaming? Fun? No wai! YES! I've gotten into the Armored Core s...
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  3. BIGMercenary PSP2, codenamed "NGP" revealed

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 27 2011

    (WARNING: LOOONG POST. These were taken from the Playstation.Blog's CoverItLive update feed, by Jeff Rubenstein. Quick bursts of details and such. With all...
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  4. BIGMercenary Airing out my grievances

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 26 2010

    Are there any gaming communities without a huge amount of a**holes? Earlier today I left Gamespot because someone was out to get me banned. I headed to ...
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  5. BIGMercenary Shotgun Review: Halo: Reach

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 09 2010

    I'm gonna try something different and hit you all at once like a shotgun with the details of Halo Reach. No opinions, just facts. A very quick review since...
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  6. BIGMercenary Oh hey, the Chronicle box is bigger.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 31 2010

    I realize I haven't been on this site as much as I used to, even after promising to be here more. In total honesty I don't feel like I can make an impact. ...
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  7. BIGMercenary E3, Microsoft, and YOU

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 16 2010

    On Monday morning, the level of stupidity on the internet rose to epic proportions as scores of mindless fanboys rose up in anger with pitchforks and torch...
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  8. BIGMercenary My Own E3 Impressions

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 16 2010

    As if you don't read enough out of this from a lot of other people, I'm giving my opinions of the E3 stuff. Don't worry, its quick and short, just like my ...
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  9. BIGMercenary Facebook vs WoW: A Discussion

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 03 2010

    I've had this thought mulling around in my head for a while now, I've tried posting it on my Facebook wall in hopes to start a discussion, only to be laugh...
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  10. BIGMercenary Reviewer Pro-tips

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 16 2010

    (The original blog can be seen at Time and time again I come across game reviews that make me lose faith in humanity, ones th...
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  11. BIGMercenary GT PSP: In my own thoughts

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 07 2010

    With my review of Gran Turismo for the PSP I tried to hold back my own personal input from the game, I wanted to deliver a straightforward review. I did ad...
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  12. BIGMercenary Gran Turismo PSP Review + A Note

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 04 2010

    Announced a few years ago and released October 1, 2009, "Gran Turismo 4 Mobile" finally sees a release on the PSP this year simply titled "Gran Turismo." (...
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  13. BIGMercenary Just me thinking/complaning.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 22 2009

    It's upsetting when you can talk and talk and talk and suggest all you can to help your friends and they only ignore your words like a fart in an elevator....
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  14. BIGMercenary A Second Look @...

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 14 2009

    I'm going to start doing a short blog series about looking back at games you might have not paid attention to... or games that I like and so did a lot of p...
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  15. BIGMercenary We still need a bigger text-entry box...

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 12 2009

    I just bought some SkullCandy headphones and my brains have melted, so sorry if I fault anytime during this... blogamajigathingychronicle. I bought a us...
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  16. BIGMercenary Just my thoughts on Nintendo.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 01 2009

    It's just me thinking all this, and I could most certainly be wrong, but everyone has their own opinions and these are mine. Because, honestly, it's not li...
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  17. BIGMercenary RRoD ;_;

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 15 2008

    I was playing the Mirror's Edge demo and I started to notice little graphical errors but I thought it was just the connection. I got bored and caved in eve...
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  18. BIGMercenary Geh..., ummm... cheese?

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 31 2008

    I really can't think of a blog title right now. And this blog switches topics rapidly, try and keep up. Sorry about the last two blog posts, they were ...
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  19. BIGMercenary I guess I should update

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 04 2008

    Not much new going on. As you can guess I bought myself a Dreamcast. When I was in middle school me and a friend would make fun of it for hours during PE. ...
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  20. BIGMercenary The update.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 27 2008

    About 1:50 last night I got a call from my mom telling me my grandmother just died. I ran across the street to wake up my uncles. My drunk uncle was outsid...
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  21. BIGMercenary title

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 25 2008

    want to cry but i cant they gave my grandmother 24 hours to live around 7 tonight. i dont want to see her because i dont want to remember hr like tha...
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  22. BIGMercenary Stuff

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 22 2008

    I paid off my 360, unfortunately I still have no (good) games. I have Burnout Paradise but it's too frustrating to continue playing. I've been barrowing ga...
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  23. BIGMercenary Insert title here

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 13 2008

    Well I've got my 360 now, but I still have to pay it off. Only $110 left I think. I bought Burnout Paradise and I all I can say about it is.... It's Burno...
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  24. BIGMercenary Going now-gen.. eventually

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 25 2008

    Made my decision. I'll be getting rid of most the games that I never play anymore OR the games that never made an impact on me, because honestly: do I need...
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  25. BIGMercenary GTA Lovers... shut up already!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 07 2008

    (If you LOOOOVE GTA IV then don't read this. Turn away now.) (I'm dead serious.) (You have been warned.) I'm sick and tired of hearing about the g...
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  26. BIGMercenary Reason for my absence

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 03 2008

    Well what else is there to say other than: I'm not GoG material. I'm on other gaming sites and have less friends. But either way no one really talks to me ...
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  27. BIGMercenary Holy crap, I hope I never have to do that again

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 07 2008

    It started last week when my parent's computer wouldn't load for some reason. I ran a virus scan, ad scan, all the scans, cleaned hard drive, etc. and it s...
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  28. BIGMercenary Project 1001

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 13 2008

    The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result th...
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  29. BIGMercenary How would you feel?

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 04 2008

    Let's say you decide to create a game. You want to make it a game about what YOU want. The main character(s) do what YOU want them to do. Or say it's a rac...
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  30. BIGMercenary I shall return soon.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 26 2008

    I know I haven't been on here as often as usual, and it's because Test Drive Unlimited now owns body. Thousands of miles of road on a Hawaiian island an...
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  31. BIGMercenary Kudos Games/Come on GoG.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 23 2007

    I'm pretty sure not many of you have heard of them. Probably none of you. But Kudos Games has been around for a few years and only has two games under thei...
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  32. BIGMercenary F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate short demo review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 31 2007

    F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate is a stand-alone expansion to the original F.E.A.R. game and takes place after the events of the first. Now, I have yet to fully ...
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  33. BIGMercenary EPIC!!!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 17 2007

    Just watch. That's right mah babies! Street Fighter IV....
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  34. BIGMercenary Judgment Journey

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 12 2007

    I hate to keep posting, but this deserves it. A few hours ago I came home from Judgment Journey. A church in LaGrange, Ga puts it on each year. It takes y...
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  35. BIGMercenary This gen is officially screwed.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 11 2007

    I just read this from GameSpot. It was a front page blog from ShenlongBo, some guy who'm I've never heard of until last night. In summary he describes how...
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  36. BIGMercenary Dead Fantasy 1

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 10 2007

    I REALLY hate to sound like a whore for another site right now but this deserves it. Montyoum from is a freakin legend. The movies he's ma...
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  37. BIGMercenary My Top 20 Games Pt. 1

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 06 2007

    I'll keep the intro short but the list long: These are MY top 20 favorites of all time. If you've got beef with'em: I don't care! 20. Test Drive Off...
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  38. BIGMercenary GAH! Failure....

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 03 2007

    SO I decided to go with my other sermon that I had prepared. I was horrible. At one point during the music some guys cousin came around to the church and ...
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  39. BIGMercenary Sermon: Hadoken: Down-Right Fierce Faith

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 30 2007

    Here's the incomplete version of my sermon I want to do one Weds night. I can't think of a way to close it. I want to wind it down to get some worship out ...
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  40. BIGMercenary Here's what I think of your site!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 28 2007

    It's better than Destructoid. After being on there for less than 24 hours, I've recieved over a dozen hate comments for mentioning I go to church. The comm...
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  41. BIGMercenary Welcome me... or not.

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 27 2007

    I signed up for Destructiod earlier today. I've been on Gamespot and GameTrailers for a while. Other gaming sites suck. I'll update this when I have more t...
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Profile Comments

Displaying 1 - 21 of 21 comments.

  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 01 2010

    I'll delete her for ya. You should be able to setup a new one from there Wink
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 25 2009

    Nice work, but let's see you do some linking like I've done on our company blog. I "followed" your blog, so you can check out what I'm talking about Wink

    Thanks man and we'll see you around!
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 16 2009

    I think deleting that clan and letting you setup another would be the quickest way to get this resolved.

    I enjoyed your video. Those are hilarious.

    Let's see a small post on your blog for GoG? You can grab some graphics if you'd like as well Wink
  4. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 19 2008

    GoGcast - Episode 2 is now streaming live and available for a full download on the GoG homepage!

    Spread the word and enjoy Very Happy
  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 16 2008

    Have you gotten your Slingpage tool downloaded into your web browser and connected with us yet? If not, click one of the funny banners you're seeing around GoG and join this cool way of sharing the Internet with other GoG members Very Happy
  6. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Nov 15 2008

    My comment on your chronicle is wrong, I think. You should still be under warranty for RRoD. Whether or not you want to bother with sending it to Microsoft is your call, but it shouldn't cost you anything.
  7. RyuBlitz RyuBlitz
    Posted On Oct 01 2008

    Well, as you asked, you are now out of the GoG clan.
  8. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 29 2008

    Vote For GoG!
  9. zapoqx zapoqx
    Posted On May 26 2008

    hmm... Does all of it with the GB friends work?
  10. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 13 2008

    Have you seen the GoG Game Trading Community yet? You MUST go over and check it's a smooth way of trading games with others from GoG and the price is hard to beat at $4.95 per trade!
  11. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 24 2008

    Did you check out my latest video post? It's a highlight video from last week's GoG/SCI event and a small preview of next month's GoG IMAX Tournament Very Happy
  12. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 02 2008

    Happy New Year!

    Let 2008 be the year of GoG
  13. FallingUp FallingUp
    Posted On Dec 07 2007

    Welcome aboard dawg! And I was just coming back from Columbus, GA for Thanksgiving too (lives in Virginia)
  14. Yart Yart
    Posted On Dec 07 2007

    Dude. You are awesome.
  15. natsnot natsnot
    Posted On Oct 14 2007

    Finally, a SHORT chronicle from me, check it out and ask questions for me to follow through on if you are up on any phone games.
  16. natsnot natsnot
    Posted On Oct 14 2007

    This sucks! Nevermind previous comment, my last two chronicles seems to have disappeared now! What up GOG?
  17. Andy Andy
    Posted On Oct 10 2007

    haha! it was the one about our site and how you hated Destructoid Wink
  18. Andy Andy
    Posted On Oct 09 2007

    Nice work on 2nd man!! We'll get that prize to ya ASAP Wink
  19. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 09 2007

    You did some great writing and you've WON 2nd Place in the Chronicle Contest! As the 2nd place winner, you'll receive a free GoG shirt.

    We realize you're in Georgia and probably won't make it to the GoG Gaming Event this week in Iowa, so let me know your address in a Private Message and we'll send it your way.

    Thanks again and keep building your Chronicles and getting your friends signed up on The GoG...
  20. Andy Andy
    Posted On Oct 02 2007


    Laterz Amigo Very Happy
  21. Andy Andy
    Posted On Sep 28 2007

    Hey man glad you're here! Love the shirt Very Happy

    Anything you need just let us know...