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  1. BIGMercenary So long, GoG

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 12 2011

    Its become apparent that GoG is more catering to the "pro gamers" these days. No room for the average gamers such as myself.
    You bros (read, frat boys) have fun with your MLG and Iowa gaming tournies. Be sure to get that head shot in Black Ops.
    The layout of the site hasn't changed in 3 or 4 years. More frat boys are showing up and more gamer grrls are here. (You have a vagina and boobs, fine. Stop yelling it at the world.)
    I'm off doing my own thing, so goodbye. Thanks Ben, its been, honestly, not so fun.

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  1. Seripha Seripha
    Posted On Mar 21 2011

    I think it is pretty clear that, nearly from its inception, the GoG has always catered to pro-gaming. That being said, I honestly feel like this is not Ben's fault.

    The reason why the GoG is so slighted toward that category of gamers is simple. Ben's personal tastes lend to that category, and Ben does the vast majority of recruiting for the GoG. Simple as that. However, if a handful of people were to start recruiting people who fall more into their own play style, that could theoretically change.

    As far as the website overhaul goes, everyone should cut Ben some slack. As a developer myself (no, not just a hobby, it's my big boy job), I can say first hand that it is an expensive and time-consuming venture. These things you all enjoy so much don't fall together overnight.

    I'm not saying that the way Ben handles things is always perfect. He can't walk on water, and neither can anyone else. However, I would urge you to cut him a slack and at least see that he is doing a stand-up job to the best of his ability to manage the site. Pro-gaming happens to be an excellent facet through which to do that.

    Lastly, I think as a collective whole we can all agree to leave the sarcastic, biting, and rude comments out of the conversation. Online disagreements don't always need to be settled with a knife to each other's throats. Wink

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 16 2011

    I agree with all the comments so far. This unique community has always been for the ENTIRE spectrum of gamers, but I'll admit, with my interest in competitive gaming and live video game events, it's shifted in that direction as of late.

    I honestly think the main reason this has happened, is that because I've always been the most active and dedicated member around here, my interests can dictate discussion.

    I wish it wasn't this way.

    If the casual, retro, or any other type of gamers want to get their interests highlighted, they need to get active and bring others who share the same interest!

    To touch on the development of the actual website, people don't understand the amount of time/money it takes to not only run this community, but update it as well. Dynafire, I'm always trying to grow the userbase and overall activity, so we have more ammo to showcase with advertisers and investors...which will in turn allow for more development. Yes we thought we had the resources to overhaul the site awhile back, but obviously that wasn't the case. We are doing new things all the time however, and although some things may seem minor, we've never stopped moving forward. Believe me, I'd like nothing more, than to have another $30,000 to give this ever-expanding video game community even more to enjoy within the GoG, but the company is just not in that position at this time. Maybe we should activate a donate button and really see if people are willing to invest in the things they want?

    The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge (and all the video game events we manage for that matter) is a project that was established in order to raise funds for THIS COMMUNITY. Yes, TIPGC is a competitive event, but that is the community that is willing to pay the registration fees and the folks I have most connectivity with. If people don't understand that we built the "Video Game Event Management" side of Jet Set Studio to help advance and connect our users in real life, then I can't help but to think you'll never understand the overall goals (and economics) of a project like this.

    Honestly, I appreciate both sides of these responses, but it's hard for me to stay positive about people who always ask for more, yet do nothing to make it happen. The gaming community in general, seems to have a lot of those types and it's sad to see. I myself and Jet Set Studio as a company, will continue trying to make this place a unique and safe community for like-minded individuals who love video games.

    I visit and interact with this website everyday. Shouldn't you?

    O yeah, and to BIGMercenary, will miss you sir and you know I've always tried to support your interests. I'm sorry you chose to go out this way, but I'm sure we'll see you around. If not, it's been real, peace out.

  3. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On Mar 16 2011

    While I do agree there was some unwarranted hostility in his chronicle, he raises a valid point. MLG and pro players get all the attention around here, and it seems like regular gamers are looked down upon, as is apparent by the first few responses to this chronicle. Have you listened to the GoGcast lately? When was the last time there was no discussion of shooters or competition? I know I can't think of it. As far as being an "average gamer", I don't think he's referring to his level of skill at shooters. The fact that you guys think it does just proves the competitive mentality that has taken over here.

    Contrary to what you may believe, this affects people on a personal level. For example, I feel like my opinion doesn't matter here. Remember how I used to be on the GoGcast every week, along with JackDaniels? Ben simply stopped inviting us. I've also rarely received a message from Ben that didn't involve making me do something to further exposure or benefit the GoG. Never a simple "Hey, what's up", or "how are you doing", but nearly always telling me to tweet this, "like" that, tell people about whatever, write more chronicles, etc. I have done these things without asking for anything in return, yet I still feel as though I don't get nearly as much respect as someone with a high k/d ratio. I have nothing against Ben personally, but using your users simply to get more users, instead of enhancing your website to benefit them, is not a good thing.

    JD is right as well. I'm hardly active anymore, because of most of the reasons that have been stated. We were promised a site overhaul almost two years ago that never happened, and the homepage looks exactly the same as it did when it came out of beta in 2007. If it were my own website, you can absolutely bet that I would not allow it to stay the way it is. I can see where BigM is coming from, and though the name-calling wasn't really necessary, he's still entitled to his opinions.

  4. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Mar 16 2011

    Hey guys,instead of just jumping down the guys throat, why not at least try and understand where he's coming from. While I admit that MLG is an equal part of the gaming community, it should be just that. Many new members here join and feel alienated due to an MLG bias and complain that the site never gets updated.

    I'm not saying that MLG shouldn't be part of the site, and I really don't think he believes that either. So instead of the whole "U just mad u suck" attitude , why not brainstorm ideas to HELP the community grow, not piss people off. I'm not justifying his hostility either, I'm just saying that I've stayed in touch with a lot of the old members here who were extremely active back in the day and they all left for those same reasons. This should be a wake up call, not a civil war.

  5. johnbiz10301 johnbiz10301
    Posted On Mar 15 2011

    Cool story bro. Maybe if you interacted with this site more then once every 6 months you wouldn't feel so excluded from it. I'm far from being a "pro gamer" and yet I love the GoG and all the people here. Oh, and about those headshots in Black Ops, I have 2,796 of them, thanks for asking.

    P.S. before you start to talk about the girl gamers on this site, learn how to spell the word "girl"

  6. x KiNg WeS x x KiNg WeS x
    Posted On Mar 15 2011

    Wait you are a member here? Didnt even notice! Honestly youd be better off going on myspace that has about 2 active members anymore and ranting.... You say all of this like we are going to miss you. But we actually wont!


    P.S I think you are just a little mad that you are just an average gamer

  7. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Mar 15 2011

    LOL - I'm not as nice as BEN, and it's a very well known fact. So when I read this I'm going to add my input, "Pro Gamers" are a part of the gaming community just as you are, and even more if they're the ones communicating on the GoG when you are just whining about them... If you feel that this side of gaming doesn't deserve to be a part of this community then you are sadly mistaken. Next time you feel like attacking a specific type of player within this community, don't... you will have better luck raging on Xbox Live/PSN about it.

    Now that we've addressed the first subject, we'll go onto the next. Telling BEN that the GoG was no fun is absolutely unacceptable. You could not be any more rude or egotistical when it comes to others feelings. How much did it cost you to become part of this community? Exactly... BEN has put everything he can into this and asked nothing in return, his simple goal was to help connect the gaming community with each other, but for people like you, we don't mind if you stay disconnected... Have fun with whatever you do, and know you will not be missed.