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  1. BIGMercenary Expanding My Gaming Horizons

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 19 2011

    Lately I've been trying out new games and have been having some fun with them.



    No wai!


    I've gotten into the Armored Core series and despite not being used to the horrible controls yet, I'm having some frustrating fun. I like the whole concept of customizing my AC to suit my standards. Although since I'm terrible at playing, its been slow going buying the right parts.

    I've been doing a lot of flea market hunting for rare games and have even made a wish list of classics I want to find. Some of them I used to own but traded in a long time ago (big mistake). Others, like Legend of Dragoon, I've wanted to play for years. The game being a rarity, I hit gold and bought it for $10 at a thrift mall. I've never been a huge fan of RPGs but this and Legend of Legaia are diamonds in the rough for me. Beautiful visuals, good story, and a simple combat system. Sony should treat everyone right and remake this game into HD. It would be the reason for me to buy a PS3.

    I've also expanded into the DDR Universe... err, universe, particularly with that game. I was unable to find a proper dance pad so I had to buy a High School Musical 3 Dance! game to play it on. I have yet to play the HSM game but the pad is very responsive. I bought it mainly to help me out with losing some weight but it'll take time since I'm only at the beginner level.

    Another game I've gotten into recently is Magic the Gathering, the card game. A friend of mine turned me on to it. My bro had a friend who used to play and he gave him his box of cards. My bro had no use for them so he gave them to me. A lot of reds and blacks to it. I bought my own green and white intro pack and I keep losing with the decks I've built. Again, I'm new to it so of course I'm going to fail.
    And speaking of trading card games, I bought the Pokemon TCG for GameBoy also. Its not as fun as the original Pokemon games since there's a lot more to figure out. Your deck can either screw you or overpower you.

    If it weren't for the Retro Hunters (look them up on YouTube or ScrewAttack), I would have never gotten out of the house to look for old games and go flea market hunting. I like these guys and what they do because I feel like I can be a part of it, like I can do it also, and I am. I've been missing out on a lot of good games and series and I'm trying to expand my habits to new stuff. I feel like I've been stuck in a rut the past couple of years and not playing anything new aside from FPS and sim racing games. Its about time I start doing some things new.

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