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Dead Pixels
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Jack of Most Trades
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  • Game Boy
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Currently Playing
Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)
Blue Dragon (Xbox 360)
FInal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)

Most Anticipated Games
Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)
Assassin's Creed II (Xbox 360)
Sabotuer (Xbox 360)
Dragon Quest IX (DS)
FInal Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)

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  • Action role-playing
  • Action-adventure
  • Arcade
  • City-building Simulation
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter
  • Music
  • Pinball
  • Platform
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Third-person shooter

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Dead Pixels has 41 chronicles

  1. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels Presents: The Best Games of the Decade

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 08 2010

    And there you go. Final Fantasy X (2001) If you asked most people what the single best game of the decade was, you’d be likely to get one of three an...
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  2. Dead Pixels The Greatest Innovations of the Decade

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 16 2009

    Dead Pixels 12-16-09 By Ryan M. Eft With an assist from John Bisignano Games themselves are only part of the equation of what made the gaming boom ...
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  3. Dead Pixels The Greatest Stories of the Decade

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 09 2009

    Dead Pixels 12-08-09 By Ryan M. Eft With an assist from Zach Ellsbury, John Bisgnano, and Brad Pennington There’s been a lot of innovation in gamin...
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  4. Dead Pixels The Greatest Villains of the Decade

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 02 2009

    Dead Pixels 11-30-2009 By Ryan M. Eft The forces of evil have been aided in their dark pursuits by Zach Ellsbury, Brandon Pennington, and Matt Brand. ...
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  1. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Feb 05 2010

    And there you go. The 20 best games are up, so let the hate mail about why your favorites aren't on there begin.

    As you all know, a large panel of us helped decide this list at the GoG 5,000 party at Cyber-Ops, while the people we didn't need played Halo for like 9 hours straight.

    Those who did me the favor of coming in to help me form the damn thing will be credited here shortly. I'm about out of gas right now though, so have patience with me.
  2. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Dec 01 2009

    New help this week from some guy named Brad Pennington who emailed me randomly. Says he's called Dynafire on the forum, or something like that.
  3. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Nov 25 2009

    John Bisignano=Johnbiz10301

    Another hand, folks.
  4. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Nov 23 2009

    Two new foot soldiers fought on the front lines this week to help bring you all the Greatest Gaming Moments of the Decade. Give them a big round of applause or, preferrably, a beer.

    Matt Brand is a new member, and a friend of mine who is studying programming.
    Dave Lyson is our very own Jack Daniels, taking time out from his 80 posts a day to give his all to the cause.
  5. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Nov 18 2009

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to give a quick breakdown of who those guys credited as my help in designing this column were!

    Zach Ellsbury---Ryublitz
    Anthony Rodriguez---A-Thon X
    Broduer Bros.---Silent Bob and Boobacca
    And BEN, of course, is Sarah Palin.

    Give them all thanks for helping me with this one, and go start debating the Best Moments of the Decade in the thread!
  6. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 08 2009

    It's been such a treat having this weekly column for our community. Thanks so much for your insight and commitment...keep up the great work Dead Pixels!
  7. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Aug 31 2009

    This could have been sooner, but this week's column will focus on why it's so difficult to acquire video game-related merchandise, from art books to soundtracks.
  8. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Aug 18 2009

    I'm going to try something new: in these comments each week, I'm going to mention what my intended subject for next week's column is. Of course, I'm eternally changing my mind, but hopefully this will give some of my regular readers a chance to formulate thoughts on the subject before it goes up.
  9. Dead Pixels Dead Pixels
    Posted On Jul 28 2009

    Firstly, column is about to go up, had some frustration with my internet access.

    Secondly, I know I can't participate Saturday, but I can see if I can work Sunday in. PM me the details.
  10. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jul 17 2009

    I wanted to stop by and share that we've got an upcoming video game event here in Des Moines NEXT weekend (7/25 & 7/26)!

    We could really use your help to help bring the fun to our first church that's hired us to help run a large gaming element. Both Saturday and Sunday evening, the event only runs from 5-9pm, so we'd have plenty of time to enjoy other things during the weekend if you'd like and this large church is allowing us to spread the GoG word too!

    We could use some of your gaming equipment if you're cool with that, as we'll be running 8 gaming stations each evening. I have more details and I hope you can make let me know your thoughts asap...

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